Five Levels of Leadership

Do You Fall in one of these Five Categories?


There are five recognized and accepted levels of leadership.  They are: 

Level 1:  Position Leadership

Level 2:  Permission Level

Level 3:  Production Level

Level 4:  People Development

Level 5:  Pinnacle Level

Which level of leader are you?  How effective are you in that role?  How can you improve your leadership skills?  You can begin by asking yourself the following questions:  What is the defined goal?  What role are you playing in achieving that goal?  If you do not know the answers to those questions, you have some work to do in fulfilling your role as a leader or as THE leader in your organization.  Part of that role as leader is to identify talent within your organization.  What qualities are you looking for in an employee?  How do those qualities serve to achieve the goals that have been set?  Are you assigning the right person with the right qualities to help achieve those goals?  How are you motivating those people to achieve the goals?  Have you asked yourself what those people want or expect in return for performing better?  The term, WIIFM is the acronym for "What's In It for Me?"  The answer should be something more significant than I'm getting paid to do my work.

Thunderbird Management Consulting is here to help you answer these questions and help you in developing a road map to a more successful and productive organization.