Diversity and Inclusion in Today's Work Place

Is your work place truly diverse and accepting?


Have you conducted an environmental scan of how your organization is really doing?  Who conducted the scan?  Was it your Human Resources Department?  Have you established a written policy that addresses diversity and inclusion?  Has it been fully implemented into the culture of your organization?  Does your organization reflect the demographics of your community?  In upper management?  In middle management and in the front lines?  Does your “open door” policy encourage employees to be candid in expressing concerns?  What is your retention rate?  Do you conduct exit interviews with departing employees? Who reviews the responses and what do you do with the information collected?  Are your clients aware of your policy?  What about your suppliers?  Are their practices reflective of your values?  Does your management team need Executive Coaching?

These are some of the questions you should be asking before you have a complaint filed.  Thunderbird Management Consulting can help you navigate through this very complex and important management process.